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Photography by Rocky Luten and James Ransom.

Photography by Rocky Luten and James Ransom

Add to your growing collection of kitchen-inspired accessories (we already have a whisk, measuring spoons, and coffee bean charms) with this Fry Pan necklace from Mary Mary Handmade. The adorably tiny pan comes in plain sterling silver or sterling silver with a dark grey patina and is designed to resemble your cherished cast iron pan, the one on which you’ve lovingly developed the perfect seasoning over years of use. Hung from a sterling silver chain, this is just the necklace to honor your trustiest kitchen workhorse. ~ Food52

The ideal necklace for that Foodie Lover in your life, find it at Food52

Photography by Mark Weinberg

Photography by Mark Weinberg

When it comes to chocolate, we can never have just one—which is why we feel that this tin of hundreds of pearl-sized balls of dark chocolate was made for us. Keep a tin at your desk to snack on throughout the day, or enjoy them by the handful whenever a chocolate craving strikes. Each ball is made from 33% pure cocoa, and delivers a strong chocolate taste whether you have a handful or just one pearl. ~ Food52

The perfect stocking stuffer … French Cocoa Puffs

Photography by James Ransom

Photography by James Ransom

Just when we thought a cocktail was perfect, we found these safari-themed gold drink stirrers. It’s a bar tool and accessory all in one, and we’ve found they invite cocktail party conversation (and cries of adoration) whenever we break them out. Each assortment includes 10 animals — a random mix of giraffe, lion, cheetah, zebra, elephant, rhino, hippopotamus, gorilla, camel, bear, lion, and moose. Choose from yellow or clear. ~ Food52

Animal themed cocktail stirrers — set of ten

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