fabulous fall place settings

Add Color. Don’t be shy, add an oomph of unexpected color. Earth tones are notoriously the selected colors for fall place settings — especially beautiful when paired with gold flatware and gold and/or silver gilded  gourds. But why not dazzle your guests with a table in turquoise and red. Add natural elements such as a tray full of acorns, and heck, why not a branch from the yard laced with acorn ornaments. {image via Better Homes and Garden}

From the Garden. Bring the colors of fall to to your table. Comb your yard for fallen branches or snip a collection of twigs off of a nearby bush or tree and place them between the edges of a charger and a contrasting plate. Scattering a few berry sprays along the surface of the table. Branch placemats are readily available this time of year. Top your plates with a mini gourd and mums. {image via Pinterest}

Unexpected Elements.  Consider the chandelier or nearby sideboard as a place to put autumn bounty on display, or even books from a nearby bookshelf as props for your seasonal gourds. {via Better House and Gardens}

Festive Dishware. One of the easiest ways to bring a touch of fall character into your home is through dishware and table linens. This pretty table setting features fall favorite hues, including pumpkin oranges, maple reds, and straw yellows. A tiny gourd topped with an oversize bow functions as a festive place card. The gingham-print bow and napkin tie together all of the colors and add a splash of seasonal pattern. {via Better House and Garden}

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