la tartine gourmande: recipes for an inspired life

La Tartine Gourmande: Recipes for an Inspired Life by Beatrice Peltre

Publisher: Roost Books (February 7, 2012)

If it were possible to capture the glint of sun through a dewdrop on a grape, Beatrice could do it. Her new cookbook, which she also styled and did all the photography for, is an artistic tableau of exquisite food presented with all its freshness and appeal intact. La Tartine Gourmande is not only beautiful, but the recipes are healthy and light and interesting.

It is rare that I find cookbooks that I literally want to cook through each and every recipe, and this is one of those rare finds. This morning I tried Oeufs en Cocotte and it was delightful, the baked egg pairing perfectly with leeks, spinach, smoked salmon and cumin. I can’t wait to try her tartines, sandwiches and soups. And I plan to make her Lavender Isle Flottantes this weekend. I have followed Beatrice’s blog for a long while and now feel as if I have come full circle sitting here with her new cookbook in front of me. Her beautiful eye for detail and her inspired combinations of ingredients always make me want to cook what she has made.

Bravo Beatrice. This is one of the most beautiful cookbooks I have ever seen.You really have achieved what you set out to do: provide us with recipes for an inspired life.

{Book Review by Hillary Davis of The Best Cookbooks List; images via La Tartine Gourmande}

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