ceviche 101

Ceviche (“seh-BEE-chay”) is a hugely popular dish in South America. The basic ingredient is raw fish, cut into bite-size pieces and marinated in the juice of an acidic fruit (usually ...


how to get kids to eat more fruits and veggies

All your efforts of packing healthy snacks may seem fruitless if you suspect it’s quietly thrown in the bin. Go beyond apples and cucumber sticks with a few simple tips. ...

Expert Tips for Grilling | Backyard Simple

ready, set, grill :: grilling tricks

Grilling tips for you next outdoor party – Backyard parties often start with a barbecue grill and a menu, so it’s always good to hone your skills at the grill. ...



the truffle pig cocktail

Recently some unexpected vegetables—ramps, butternut squash, and beets—have started showing up in ...

all about onions

Onions are powerful — their versatility, their flavor, their ability to make ...

grilled chocolate sandwich

Author Notes: Crusty, hot, and melty chocolate sandwiches make a decadent snack, ...

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goat cheese + chive soufflé

Perfect for a special weekend brunch or luncheon, this creamy soufflé is lovely accompanied with a spinach salad tossed with toasted pine nuts. The soufflé may be assembled up to an hour in advance, but once it is baked, it should be served promptly, as it deflates quickly. It is fine to let your guests […]

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creative spring salads

Spring Salad with Creamy Goat Cheese Dressing Recipe via Cooking Channel by Brian Biotano A delicious combination of spiced pecans, goat cheese, red grapes and spring greens make this Spring salad an easy go to. Spring Salad Smoothie Recipe via Health Whip up a salad smoothie that packs an amazing amount of healthy ingredients into […]

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Kenya :: purple tea

Across the picturesque highlands of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, fields of tea shimmer in shades of emerald, lime and moss under the equatorial sky. Article, Kenyan Farmers See Green in the Color Purple, by Jeff Koehler for NPR Some of these fields, though, are now darkened with patches of purple. The purple comes from leaves with high […]

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12 ingredients your kitchen should never be without

Nutrition experts share what’s always in their kitchens, so you’ll never want for a quick, healthy meal. By Abigail Thorpe via Real Simple We asked three nutritionists to share the key ingredients they always keep on hand for healthy, quick meals. If you have these dozen ingredients on hand, you’ll never go hungry. Plain Greek Style Yogurt: Nutritionists Cheryl […]

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moscow mulefeature

moscow mule :: classic cocktail

A little background history: The cocktail was invented in 1941 by John G. Martin of G.F. Heublein Brothers, Inc., an East Coast spirits and food distributor, and “Jack” Morgan, President of Cock ‘n’ Bull Products (which produced ginger beer) and proprietor of the Cock ‘n’ Bull restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles popular with […]

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waffle crab

soft shell crabs :: coming out of their shell

When Maryland’s famed softshell crabs emerge, it’s time to celebrate—and time to eat. Article by Regina Schrambling {via Saveur} Watermen along the Chesapeake Bay shoreline like to say that blue crabs start shedding their hard shells with the first full moon in May. It’s an alluring legend, and it was enough to entice me, a […]

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key limes in Key West

France is famous for it’s wine, Columbia for it’s coffee, and Key West is famous for it’s Key Lime Pie. Questions and answers from The Key Lime Shop! Q- What are Key Limes? A- Key Limes are a citrus fruit, originally from Asia. They are small and round with a unique bitter tartness that gives […]

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ghost pepper :: not the hottest

The bhut jolokia, also known as bih jolokia, u-morok, ghost pepper, ghost chili pepper, red naga chili, Naga Jolokia, and ghost chili, is an interspecific hybrid chili pepper cultivated in Bangladesh and Indian states of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur. {via Wikipedia} Brief History of Chilies: For about as long as there have been hot peppers […]

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fish + chips with minty mushy peas

The two-step potato frying method is supported by science: The first phase cooks the potato through, without adding color; the second fry creates a golden, crunchy exterior. recipe by J Sheekey, London | via Bon Appétit | photograph by Peden & Munk INGREDIENTS SERVINGS: 4 Mushy Peas 2 tablespoons unsalted butter ½ small onion, finely […]

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leek terrine with goat cheese

The striking geometry of this terrine—an elegantly simple pairing of leeks and goat cheese—makes for a visually arresting presentation. We like it served with dark pumpernickel bread and some briny cured salmon at brunch, or as part of a cheese plate with a casual dinner. Saveur | April 2014 See the recipe for Leek Terrine […]

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gluten-free flours

  Healthy food trend: Gluten Free Flours as reported on Everyday Health: If you need to avoid gluten or are simply looking to make baked goods more flavorful, consider gluten-free flours. There are many different types but some of the most popular choices are coconut flour, almond flour, and chickpea (or besan) flour, each with various […]

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